Otis Frampton


JAWA ADVENTURES began as a series of Jawa illustrations that I created for Inktober a few years ago and turned into a comic book pitch to Marvel and then to IDW Publishing when they picked up the Star Wars comic book license.

Sadly, the pitch was not successful. But I had a lot of fun drawing Jawas.

When I started, I thought I could get a few fake comic book covers out of my Jawa obsession. But I ended up creating over 100! And… the illustrations went viral and eventually caught the attention of editors at IDW Publishing. They hired me to write and draw a Jawa back-up story for STAR WARS ADVENTURES issue #8!


I haven’t done any more back-up stories for IDW Publishing’s STAR WARS ADVENTURES, but I'd love to tell more stories for the series (e-mail me, editors!). And I continue to draw Jawas for fun. I probably always will.

Below you can see Volume 1 and Volume 2 of my JAWA ADVENTURES pitch.

Enjoy. And, as always, utinni!

(Star Wars and all associated concepts, characters, and logos are fully owned by Lucasfilm, Disney, Marvel & Disney. The following is a work of fan fiction and is not intended for publication or resale. Thanks!)